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C 1012 cm 2 b c 107 cm 2 c c 103 cm 2

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Unformatted text preview: ut not unreasonably low) value of the interfacial contact resistivity? a) !C = 10"12 !-cm 2 b) !C = 10"7 !-cm 2 c) !C = 10"3 !-cm 2 d) !C = 101 !-cm 2 . e) !C = 103 !-cm 2 3) What is the transfer length, LT ? a) A parameter that describes the two ­dimensional flow of current under a contact. b) A parameter that defines the effective width of a contact in lateral direction (along the direction of current flow in the resistor). c) A parameter related to the interfacial contact resistivity and resistivity of the semiconductor by LT = !C ! SD cm . d) All of abo...
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