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Explain what effect the intrinsic layer will have on

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Unformatted text preview: ater than the thickness of the intrinsic layer. ECE ­606 5 Spring 2013 4a) Sketch the electric field vs. position assuming the depletion approximation. 4b) Using the sketch in 4a), develop an expression for the depletion layer width in the p ­ region, W. Your answer should be in terms of Vbi and N A . 1 The area under the curve is the built in potential: E max xi + E max (W ! xi ) = Vbi 2 2Vbi E max = ( xi + W ) We can get another expression for E max from Gauss’s Law: E max = dE ! qN A = dx " S#0 qN A (W # xi ) ! S"0 Now equate the two expressions for E max to find: W 2 ! xi2 = Finally W = 2" S # 0Vbi qN A 2! S " 0Vbi + xi2 qN A Not...
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