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N p 02 109 sec srh parameters spring 2013

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Unformatted text preview: ECE ­606 1 Spring 2013 Exam 2: ECE 606 1) Consider P ­type GaAs with the following parameters: N A = 1020 cm ­3 ! n = ! p = 0.2 " 10#9 sec (SRH parameters) Spring 2013 C p = 7 ! 10"30 cm6/sec B = 2 ! 10"10 cm3/sec 1a) Defects that are responsible for SRH recombination are typically near the middle of the bandgap. Which type of defect would lower the SRH lifetime the most  ­ donor ­ like or acceptor like? Be sure to explain your answer. Donor like. The Fermi level lies near the valence band, so all of the recombination centers are empty. Donor like states are positively charged when empty. These states will...
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