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Exam 4 Solutions

c de n e i b n ab d p wb double the base width the

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Unformatted text preview: ECE ­606 4 Spring 2013 Exam 4: ECE 606 3c) Saturation Spring 2013 3d) Cut ­off ECE ­606 5 Spring 2013 4) Exam 4: ECE 606 Spring 2013 Consider the impact of changing some key BJT device parameters on some key figures of merit. For each of the 5 changes below, explain in words whether the change increases, decreases, or has no effect on the current gain, ! DC . Assume negligible recombination in the base and emitter. 6a) Double the width of the quasi ­neutral base. Solution: I N DW ! = C = DE n E I B N AB D p WB Double the base width, the beta drops by a factor of 2. This is because the diffusion gradient of electrons...
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