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Ece606 6 spring 2013 exam 4 ece 606 spring

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Unformatted text preview: in the base drops by a factor of 2, so the collector current drops by the same factor, but the base current is unaffected. 6b) Double the base lifetime. Solution: I N DW ! = C = DE n E I B N AB D p WB No effect. Since the assumption is no recombination, the base lifetime has no effect. Making it bigger will have no effect. 6c) Double the base doping. Solution: I N DW ! = C = DE n E I B N AB D p WB Double the base doping, the beta drops by a factor of 2. This is because the electron density at the beginning of the base, as given by the Law of the Junction, will drop by a factor of two, because it goes as ni2 N AB . ECE ­606 6 Spring 2013 Exam 4: ECE 606 Spring 2013 6d) Double the width of the quasi ­neutral e...
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