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A emitterbase is fb and basecollector is fb b

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Unformatted text preview: r frequencies that are well below 1 ( 2!" ) . n n n n 3) 4) There are two PN junctions in a bipolar transistor. Each one can be either forward biased (FB) or reverse biased (RB). In the “saturation” region of operation, how are these two junctions biased? a) Emitter ­base is FB and base ­collector is FB. b) Emitter ­base is FB and base ­collector is RB. c) Emitter ­base is RB and base ­collector is FB. d) Emitter ­base is RB and base ­collector is RB. e) Emitter ­base is zero ­biased and base ­collector is zero ­biased. The increase in collector current as the magnitude c...
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