In each case indicate the magnitude of p at x xn and

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Unformatted text preview: with the following parameters: I Ep = 0.01 mA I En = 2 mA I Cn = 1.98 mA Spring 2013 I Cp = 0.0001 mA 2a) Determine the base transport factor, ! T . 2b) Determine the emitter injection efficiency, ! 2c) Determine the current, I E 2d) Determine ! DC . 2e) Determine ! DC . ECE ­606 3 Spring 2013 3) Exam 4: ECE 606 Spring 2013 Sketch the minority hole concentration in the base of a PNP BJT for the following conditions. In each case, indicate the magnitude of !p at x = xn and at x = xn + WB . 3a) Forward active region. 3b) Inverted active region. ECE ­606 4 Spring 2013 Exam 4: ECE 606 Spring 2013 3c) Saturation 3d) Cut ­off ECE ­606 5 Spring 2013 4) Exam 4: ECE 606 Spring 2013 Consider the impact of changing some key BJT device parameters on some key figures of merit....
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