1 2 b c d e ece 606 the drain current increases

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Unformatted text preview: it hard to bend the bands in an MOS capacitor by more than about 2φ F ? a) b) c) d) e) Because of Fermi- Dirac statistics when E F approaches the band edge. Because the electric field in the oxide is so high that it breaks down. Because the electric field in the semiconductor is so high that it breaks down. Because SRH generation places an upper limit on the minority carrier density. Because the increased gate voltage needed to increase φS primarily increases the voltage drop in the oxide, not in the semiconductor. 1e) If we measure the IV characteristics of a transistor, what is the “signature” of velocity saturation inside the MOSFET? a) The drain current increases as (VGS − VT ) . 1/ 2 b) c) d) e) ECE- 606 The drain current inc...
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