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1a an mos capacitor biased so that majority carriers

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Unformatted text preview: for each part 4) 4a) 2 points 4b) 2 points 4c) 3 points 4d) 3 points ECE- 606 1 Spring 2013 Exam 5: ECE 606 Spring 2013 1) Answer the five multiple choice questions below by choosing the one, best answer. 1a) An MOS capacitor biased so that majority carriers in the semiconductor pile up at the oxide semiconductor interface is biased in which region? a) Accumulation b) Flat band c) Depletion d) Inversion e) Beyond pinch- off 1b) How is the electric field on the SiO2 side of the SiO2 : Si interface, x = 0− , related to the electric field on the Si side, x = 0+ ? (Assume there is no charge at the SiO2 : Si interface.) a) They are equal. b) The electric field on the oxide side is larger than th...
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