A to reduce threshold voltage variations b to lower

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Unformatted text preview: hat is neutral when filled. b) A surface state that is neutral when empty. c) A surface state that dopes the semiconductor surface n- type. d) A surface state cause by the presence of a phosphorus or arsenic atoms on the surface. e) A surface state located in energy very near the conduction band. 1d) What is threshold voltage “roll- off”? a) A reduction in the magnitude of the threshold voltage as the channel length decreases. b) An effect caused by two- dimensional MOS electrostatics. c) A reduction of gate control over the channel potential. d) All of the above. e) None of the above. 1e) Why are MOSFETs intentionally strained? a) To reduce threshold voltage variations. b) To lower the surface state density. c) To decrease series resistance. d) To increase the channel mobility. e) To adjust the gate workfunction. ECE- 606 2 Spring 2013 Exam 6: ECE 606 Spring 2013 2) Answer the five multiple choice questions below by choosing the one, best answer. 2a) What is the “Negative Bias Temperature Instability” (NBTI) o...
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