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D charge in the oxide has the same effect wherever it

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Unformatted text preview: that there is charge, ρ m x , distributed within the oxide. At what location in () the oxide does the charge have the biggest effect on the threshold voltage? a) At the top of the oxide, adjacent to the metal gate. b) At the bottom of the oxide, next to the Si substrate. c) At the center of the gate oxide. d) Charge in the oxide has the same effect wherever it is located. e) Charge in the oxide has no effect on the threshold voltage – no matter where it is located. 1b) If the transition from depletion to inversion in an MOS CV characteristic is “stretched out”, what does it indicate? a) A high concentration of mobile ions in the oxide. b) A high concentration of fixed charge at the oxide- Si interface. c) A large metal- semiconductor workfunction difference. d) A high concentration of dangling bonds that change charge state with gate bias. e) It translates the C(VG) vs. VG characteristic to the left or right on the voltage axis. 1c) What is a “donor like” surface state? a) A surface state t...
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