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The reason for this is a for high currents there are

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Unformatted text preview: If x = 0 is the boundary of the quasi- neutral P region adjacent to the depletion region, what is the boundary condition for the excess minority electron equation at x = 0 for an applied bias of VA? (This result is known as the “Law of the Junction.”). qV k T a) Δn ( x = 0 ) = N Ae A B . ( c) Δn ( x = 0 ) = ( n ) )e ( b) Δn ( x = 0 ) = ni2 N A ln ( qV A k BT ) 2 i d) Δn ( x = 0 ) = ni2 e ( NA q Vbi −V A ) k BT qV A k BT ) e) Δn ( x = 0 ) = ni2 N A e 2) . qV A k BT For very large forward bias, the current “rolls off” (i.e. the current is not as large at a given voltage as the ideal diode equation would predict). The reason for this is: a)...
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