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2 fine the no n vo ter faces a fine sanctio n the amo

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Unformatted text preview: tio n. The amo unt varies betw een the co untries, fo r example 3 Sw iss Francs in Sw itz erland, betw een 3 0 0 and 3 0 0 0 ATS in Austria, 2 0 0 C yprus Po unds in C yprus, 1 0 -2 0 Argentinean Peso s in Argentina, 2 0 So les in Peru etc. 3 . Po ssible impriso nment. The no n-vo ter may face impriso nment as a sanctio n, ho w ever, w e do no t kno w o f any do cumented cases. This can also happen in co untries such as Australia w here a fine sanctio n is co mmo n. In cases w here the no n-vo ter do es no t pay the fines after being reminded o r after refusing several times, the co urts may impo se a priso n sentence. This is usually classified as impriso nment fo r failure to pay the fine, no t impriso nment fo r failure to vo te. 4 . Infringements o f civil rights o r disenfranchisement. It is fo r example po ssible that the no n-vo ter, after no t vo ting in at least fo ur electio ns w ithin 1 5 years w ill be disenfranchised in Belgium. In Peru the vo ter has to carry a stamped vo ting card fo r a number o f mo nths after the electio n as a pro o f o f having vo ted. This stamp is required in o rder to o btain...
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