Compulsory Voting _ Voter Turnout _ International IDEA

Egypt 1 2 3 no 1956 this is the year fro m w hich w e

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Unformatted text preview: Egypt 1 , 2 , 3 No 1956 This is the year fro m w hich w e have fo und the earliest law . (Only men are allo w ed to vo te) Fiji 1, 2, 3 Yes N/A France 2 No 1 9 5 0 's o r y_voting .cfm * Presumably strict prio r to the co up d'état 3/5 8/30/13 Compulsor y Voting | Voter Tur nout | Inter national IDEA (Senate o nly) Gabo n N/A Greece No ne No No Guatemala Ho nduras Italy No ne No ne 5 No No No Lebano n N/A N/A Liechtenstein Luxembo urg Mexico Nauru Netherlands 1, 2 Yes 1, 2 Yes No ne / 5 No 1, 2 Yes No Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines N/A 2 2, 4 No ne N/A No Yes No Spain N/A No Singapo re 4 Yes Sw itz erland 2 (Schaffhausen) Thailand No ne Turkey 1, 2 Yes Uruguay U.S.A (Geo rgia) Venez uela 2, 4 N/A Yes No N/A N/A y_voting .cfm No Yes 6 0 's N/A 1926 Administrative sanctio ns, including pro hibitio n to issue a passpo rt, a driving license o r an o ccupatio nal license, w ere o fficially lifted in year 2000 Military perso nnel canno t vo te. - N/A N/A Practised fro m 1 9 4 5 to 1...
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