Compulsory Voting _ Voter Turnout _ International IDEA

Fo r example in austria vo ting is co mpulso ry in o

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Unformatted text preview: s. Fo r example, in Austria vo ting is co mpulso ry in o nly tw o regio ns, w ith sanctio ns being w eakly enfo rced. Ho w ever, these regio ns tend to have a higher turno ut average than the natio nal average. Other po ssible reaso ns fo r no t enfo rcing the law s co uld be co mplexity and reso urces required fo r enfo rcement. C o untries w ith limited budgets may no t place the enfo rcement o f mandato ry vo ting law s as a high prio rity still they ho pe that the presence o f the law w ill enco urage the citiz ens to participate. C an a co untry be co nsidered to practice co mpulso ry vo ting if the mandato ry vo ting law s are igno red and irrelevant to the vo ting habits o f the electo rate? Is a co untry practicing co mpulso ry vo ting if there are no penalties fo r no t vo ting? What if there are penalties fo r failing to vo te but they are never o r are scarcely enfo rced? Or if the penalty is negligible? Many co untries o ffer lo o pho les, intentio nally and o therw ise, w hich allo w no nvo ters to go unpunishe...
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