Compulsory Voting _ Voter Turnout _ International IDEA

Fo r example in many co untries it is required to vo

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Unformatted text preview: d. Fo r example, in many co untries it is required to vo te o nly if yo u are a registered vo ter, but it is no t co mpulso ry to register. Peo ple might then have incentives no t to register. In many cases, like Australia, an acceptable excuse fo r absence o n Electio n Day w ill avo id sanctio ns. The diverse fo rms co mpulso ry vo ting has taken in different co untries refo cuses the perceptio n o f it aw ay fro m an either present o r absent practice o f co untries to a study o f the degree and manner in w hich the go vernment fo rces its citiz ens to participate. W hich countries practice compulsory voting? y_voting .cfm 2/5 8/30/13 Compulsor y Voting | Voter Tur nout | Inter national IDEA Laws, Sanctions & Enforcement Belo w is a table co ntaining all the co untries that have a law that pro vides fo r co mpulso ry vo ting. The first co lumn lists the name o f the co untry, the seco nd co lumn the type o f sanctio ns that the relevant co untry impo ses against no nvo ters and the third co lumn co ntains the info rmatio n o n to w hat extent the co mpulso ry vo ting law s are enfo rced in practice...
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