Compulsory Voting _ Voter Turnout _ International IDEA

Is a go vernment really mo re legitimate if the high

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Unformatted text preview: a go vernment really mo re legitimate if the high vo ter turno ut is against the w ill o f the vo ters? Many co untries w ith limited financial capacity may no t be able to justify the expenditures o f maintaining and enfo rcing co mpulso ry vo ting law s. It has been pro ved that fo rcing the po pulatio n to vo te results in an increased number o f invalid and blank vo tes co mpared to co untries that have no co mpulso ry vo ting law s. Ano ther co nsequence o f mandato ry vo ting is the po ssible high number o f y_voting .cfm 1/5 8/30/13 Compulsor y Voting | Voter Tur nout | Inter national IDEA "rando m vo tes". Vo ters w ho are vo ting against their free w ill may check o ff a candidate at rando m, particularly the to p candidate o n the ballo t. The vo ter do es no t care w ho m they vo te fo r as lo ng as the go vernment is satisfied that they fulfilled their civic duty. What effect do es this immeasureable catego ry o f rando m vo tes have o n the legitimacy o f the demo cratically elected go vernmen...
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