Compulsory Voting _ Voter Turnout _ International IDEA

This stamp is required in o rder to o btain so me

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Unformatted text preview: so me services and go o ds fro m so me public o ffices. In Singapo re the vo ter is remo ved fro m the vo ter register until he/she reapplies to be included and submits a legitimate reaso n fo r no t having vo ted. In Bo livia the vo ter is given a card w hen he/she has vo ted so that he/she can pro o f the participatio n. The vo ter w o uld no t be able to receive his/her salary fro m the bank if he/she can no t sho w the pro o f o f vo ting during three mo nths after the electio n. 5 . Other. Fo r example in Belgium it might be difficult getting a jo b w ithin the public secto r if yo u are no n-vo ter. There are no fo rmal sanctio ns in Mexico o r Italy but po ssible arbitrary o r so cial sanctio ns. This is called the "inno cuo us sanctio n" in Italy, w here it might fo r example be difficult to get a daycare place fo r yo ur child o r similar but this is no t fo rmalised in any w ay at all. Page last updated March 2 1 , 2 0 1 2 y_voting .cfm 5/5...
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