Commentary_ The Case for Compulsory Voting _ The National Interest

And while it was a s tep in the right direc tion the

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Unformatted text preview: es ” option alongs ide the major parties . And while it was a s tep in the right direc tion, the initiative was nonbinding and toothles s . In the 1976 Republic an Congres s ional primary , “none of thes e c andidates ” trounc ed its c ompetitors , and y et, des pite the abjec tly c lear will of the voters , the nomination went to the neares t runner-up (who, perhaps uns urpris ingly , went on to los e to the Democ ratic inc umbent). For c ompuls ory voting to be viable, the public mus t be given a full c omplement of options . All s tates s hould pres ent voters with the option of nationalinter est.or g /commentar y/the- case- compulsor y- voting - 7691 1/2 8/30/13 Commentar y: The Case for Compulsor y Voting | The National Inter est “none of thes e c andidates ,” and s hould require the parties to field new c andidates in another round, s hould that be the will of the people. As of 2012, doz ens of nations on almos t every c ontinent employ a s y s tem of c ompuls ory voting. They inc lude democ ratic nations s uc h as Belgium, Lux embourg and Aus tralia. Aus tralia, it s hould be noted, has often been ahead of the c urve when it c omes to democ rac y . The c ountry was one of the firs t to adopt the now-ubiquitous s ec ret ballot in 1856, a full thirty y ears before it would bec ome c ommon in the United States . And for the his tory buffs , c ompuls ory voting has no...
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