Debate_ In a democracy, voting ought to be compulsory _ Debate

A r gument 1 a bet t er dist inct ion bet ween t he

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Unformatted text preview: ween t he cit izens. People who are regist ered v ot ers hav e an int erest in v ot ing for t he count ry . By mandat ing t hem t o v ot e each y ear, we are keeping our responsible eligible v ot ers act iv e. The t urnout rat e has gone v ery low wit h unequal t urnout also a big issue. H owev er, what t he st at us quo does not t ell us is t he real reason behind t his low t urnout . Once t his dist inct ion is made, t he st at e will be more aware of t heir polit ical inst it ut ions. This will t hen help t hem see if at t ent ion should be paid t o improv e t he campaigning sy st ems and t he procedure of polit ical elect ion. If many people v ot e t o abst ain, t hen t he st at e will hav e t o make sure t hat t he polit ical leaders express t hemselv es bet t er and also will hav e t o see t hat a div ersit y of principles are present ed by t he leading part ies. Con argued t hat t he regist ered v ot ers not v ot ing is mainly due t o reason t hat t hey are “ not part icularly excit ed by any candidat es, www.debate.or g /debates/In- a- democr acy- voting - oug ht- to- be- compulsor y/1/ 2/4 8/30/13 Debate: In a democr acy, voting oug ht to be compulsor y | Debate.or g or because t hey are disenchant ed by t heir fav ored polit ical Part y ” . The best way t o confirm t his will be by asking t hese v ot ers t o show up at t he polling st at ions and pick t he opt ion t hat say s t hey would like t o abst ain. This pract ice will help us dist inguish bet ween t he people who see t he polit ical part ies of t he part icular y ear t o be not legit from t hose who just do not want t o make t he effort t o v ot e. There are many ot her reasons for which on...
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