Debate_ In a democracy, voting ought to be compulsory _ Debate

According t o ballinger h igh penalt ies are oft en

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Unformatted text preview: en Elect oral College t hought not t o be appropriat e: such penalt ies disproport ionat ely affect t he poor, Env ironment al Prot ect ion and can lead t o heav y cost s on an elect oral commission". (11) But ev en where t hat is t rue, it is import ant t o realise t hat people can, and do, go t o prison for failing t o Est at e Tax pay fines, and t hat t his is t he case, as well, for t hose who fail t o pay fines for nonv ot ing. For example, in 1999 Melissa Manson was European Union sent enced t o one day in prison for failing t o pay t he fines incurred by her failure t o v ot e in t he 1993 and 1996 Eut hanasia Federal Reserv e All Big Issues Federal elect ions. Manson, apparent ly , believ ed t hat t here were no candidat es wort h v ot ing for, and t herefore object ed bot h t o v ot ing, and t o pay ing t he result ing fine, on principle.(H ill, 6 " 7 and 17) Before holding t hat compulsory v ot ing is just ified, t herefore, we need t o be prepared t o make criminals of people who do not pay t heir fines for not v ot ing " and need t o be confident t hat doing so is consist ent wit h t he democrat ic v alues and object iv es t hat animat e t his case for compulsion. If compulsory v ot ing is inst it ut ed t he aff agrees t o inforce laws t hat infringe on peoples right s. It is for all t hese reasons t hat I must negat e t oday s resolut ion. Repo rt this Argument I hereby st at e t hat t he opinions st at ed below and t he argument s present ed do not necessarily dict at e my personal opinions. P ro As commonly proposed, democracy is of t he...
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