Debate_ In a democracy, voting ought to be compulsory _ Debate

Cit izens do not owe t heir gov ernment elect oral

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Unformatted text preview: t elect oral support or legit imacy .” This claim support s a sy st em where democracy can nev er work effect iv ely . Not only democracy , any inst it ut ion cannot work wit hout a mut ual share of dut ies of t he powerful and t he ruled. The cit izens do hav e a responsibilit y t o v ot e, which in our sy st em, could also be a v ot e of abst ent ion. H ow can cit izens expect t o t ake adv ant age of a democrat ic inst it ut ion wit hout fulfilling t heir own job of placing a v ot e? Except t hose who hav e researched and did not get fascinat ed by a candidat e, all t he ot her cit izens hav e a dut y t o keep t uned wit h t he polit ical part ies and t hen make a decision. Secondly , Con emphasized t hat compulsory v ot ing t akes away t he right of people t o hav e a choice, which Con suggest ed was “ t he point of democracy ” . I would like t o also emphasize t hat in t he proposed mechanism t his choice of t he people will be respect ed. They will be giv en a choice t o v ot e or not and for whom t o v ot e. The proposed mechanism will bot h support t he right s of t he people and ask t hem t o perform t heir dut ies. A r gument 3: Democrat ic Ideals promot ed This argument will be present ed in t he next round. Rema ining r ebutta ls t o Con’s case: Con was worried about t he fines t hat will follow aft er people will not v ot e. Con was right t o say t hat t his would negat iv ely affect t he poor and may increase t he number of criminals who owe fine debt . H owev er, t he mechanism clearly st at es t hat a fine will only hav e t o be paid if one wishes t o regist er again. This will work as an incent...
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