Debate_ In a democracy, voting ought to be compulsory _ Debate

Cont ent ion 2 compulsory v ot ing t akes away right

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Unformatted text preview: g t akes away right s . 30 The right t o abst ain, or t o refrain from polit ical selfident ificat ion and part icipat ion is an import ant one, sy mbolically and pract ically . It capt ures t wo ideas t hat are cent ral t o democracy . The first is t hat gov ernment is t here for t he benefit of t he gov erned, not t he ot her way round. The second is t hat t he dut ies Big Issues and right s of cit izens are import ant ly different from t hose of t heir represent at iv es, because t he lat t er hav e powers and responsibilit ies t hat t he former do not . Abort ion Cit izens do not owe t heir gov ernment elect oral support or legit imacy . This is one www.debate.or g /debates/In- a- democr acy- voting - oug ht- to- be- compulsor y/1/ 1/4 8/30/13 Debate: In a democr acy, voting oug ht to be compulsor y | Debate.or g Affirmat iv e Act ion reason t o doubt t hat cit izens hav e a dut y t o v ot e ev en t hough, as Rawls claims, people hav e a nat ural dut y t o support just , or nearly just , inst it ut ions.(Rawls, Animal Right s Barack Obama 1971) 31 In some circumst ances t his nat ural dut y might place cit izens under a moral obligat ion t o v ot e and, ev en, t o v ot e one way rat her t han anot her. The Border Fence point of democracy is t o giv e people choice and compulsory v ot ing t akes t hat right Capit alism away . Civ il Unions Cont ent ion 3:penalt ies for not v ot ing and enforcement . Proponent s of Deat h Penalt y compulsory v ot ing t end t o say t hat t he penalt ies for non-v ot ing are, t y pically , no Drug Legalizat ion higher t han a relat iv ely low fine. According t o Ballinger, "H igh penalt ies are oft...
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