Debate_ In a democracy, voting ought to be compulsory _ Debate

P ro as commonly proposed democracy is of t he people

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Unformatted text preview: people, for t he people, and by t he people. The basis of democracy depends on t he effect iv eness of t he st at e t o grant it s cit izens wit h t he right t o v ot e and t he cit izens t o respect t hat right . Democracy exist s on t he not ion t hat all t he eligible cit izens v ot e for a fut ure t hat t hey would like t o see. H owev er, in many democracies, t oday , a decrease in t his number of eligible cit izens at t he v ot ing boot hs has been wit nessed. This is why I call for v ot ing t o be compulsory in all effect iv e democracies. I will first present a mechanism t hat will address t he issues at hand. Then, I will refut e t he argument s present ed by Con as I go t hrough my first t wo argument s and get t o any point s of rebut t al left at t he end. Mecha nism: All regist ered v ot ers will be asked t o compulsorily cast a v ot e during t he elect ions. H owev er, for t hose who do not hav e a chosen candidat e or do not wish t o v ot e on t he part icular elect ion, t here will be an opt ion t o not v ot e which would say somet hing on t he lines of “ I wish t o abst ain from v ot ing” . Those cit izens who are regist ered, but do not place a v ot e, will be wit hdrawn from t he list of regist ered v ot ers, unt il t hey regist er again. On t he second t ime of regist rat ion, t hey will be fined a decent ly heft y amount . So, we are looking int o a sy st em where a onet ime regist ered person will be expect ed t o v ot e each elect ion y ear. There will be an addit ional law added which will ask all employ ers t o giv e a day off for each one of t heir employ ees such t hat workload does not become an issue of low t urnout . A r gument 1: A bet t er dist inct ion bet...
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