Debate_ In a democracy, voting ought to be compulsory _ Debate

There are many ot her reasons for which one may not

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Unformatted text preview: e may not like t o v ot e. One, being div ersion from t he workload and ot her being laziness. To make sure t hat t hese reasons do not rule t he low t urnout , t he proposed mechanism should be adopt ed. The lazy people will be oust ed from t he regist ered v ot ers list and would hav e t o pay a penalt y if t hey want t o v ot e t he next t ime. H owev er, some of t hese smart lazy people will be able t o see t hat t hey could sav e a fine and t he t ime spent on t he process of regist ering by going t o t he polling st at ion. And if t hey are just going t here, why not hav e at least some informat ion about t he part ies. This will increase t he effect iv eness of a democracy , which will be addressed in Argument 3. A r gument 2: Unfairness abolished It is import ant t o not ice t hat polit icians place a lot of focus on making sure t hat t heir support ers go t o t he polling st at ions and place t heir v ot es, wit hout regards t o t hose who would probably not v ot e. H owev er, if t he proposed mechanism is adopt ed and v ot ing is made compulsory for all regist ered v ot ers, polit icians will now hav e t o make sure t hat most of t he regist ered v ot ers v ot e for t hem. They will also hav e t o focus on t he hard labor workers who could somet imes not make it t o t he polling st at ions and t hose people who did believ e t hat t he part ies were not any good t his elect ion period. Con argued t hat “ t he dut ies and right s of cit izens are import ant ly different from t hose of t heir represent at iv es, because t he lat t er hav e powers and responsibilit ies t hat t he former do not ...Cit izens do not owe t heir gov ernmen...
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