Debate_ In a democracy, voting ought to be compulsory _ Debate

This t hought will increase t he number of people who

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Unformatted text preview: umber of people who would place a legit v ot e and would be v ot ing for what t hey believ e. I would like t o ext end t his argument , but seeing t hat Con has y et not prov ided rebut t als t o my last t wo and has not st rengt hened Con's own argument s, I will delay t he ext ension of t his argument . Repo rt this Argument R N eezu s forfeited th is rou n d. Con Si nce Con ha s ne i t he r provi de d a ny re but t a l s nor st re ngt he ne d hi s ca se , I woul d l i ke t o urge for a Proposi t i on vot e . Repo rt this Argument P ro Deb ates Op i ni ons Forums Bl og Peop l e ABOUT HELP C ompany Demog raphics Elected Officials FA Qs A rticles C ontact Us www.debate.or g /debates/In- a- democr acy- voting - oug ht- to- be- compulsor y/1/ Privacy Policy | T erms of Use | S itemap ©2013 . A ll rig hts reserved. 4/4...
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