Debate_ In a democracy, voting ought to be compulsory _ Debate

This will work as an incent iv e for regist ered v ot

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Unformatted text preview: iv e for regist ered v ot ers t o not skip a v ot ing period. And if for some reason t hey do, t hey will not hav e t o worry about a fine unt il t he next elect ions and will only hav e t o worry if t hey wish t o v ot e next t ime. None of t he Con’s argument s so far hav e shown a downfall t o t he proposed mechanism for t he mot ion at hand. The mechanism works really well t o make a dist inct ion bet ween t he cit izens and find out t he weaknesses of t he polit ical inst it ut ions of a st at e and also abolishes unfairness on many grounds. This is why I urge a st rong Proposit ion v ot e. Repo rt this Argument R N eezu s forfeited th is rou n d. Con Since Con has not prov ided any rebut t als, I will prov ide my t hird argument : www.debate.or g /debates/In- a- democr acy- voting - oug ht- to- be- compulsor y/1/ 3/4 8/30/13 Debate: In a democr acy, voting oug ht to be compulsor y | Debate.or g P ro Democrat ic Ideals Promot ed Taking on t his act ion of making v ot ing compulsory would be only asking t hose who t ake adv ant age of t he democracy t o put in t heir work for t he same democracy . We will be asking t hose cit izens who wish not t o go t o a polling st at ion t o complet e t heir dut y . Addit ionally , t he fact t hat t he regist ered v ot ers would hav e an incent iv e t o go t o v ot e in t he elect ion y ear, t hey will be forced t o keep up wit h t he part ies and t he leaders. If t hey hav e t o go t o t he polling st at ion, t hey will t hink, why not just v ot e for someone. This t hought will increase t he n...
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