Of course compulsory voting is a good thing _ Van Badham _ Comment is free _ theguardian

I n other words those with the least to gain f rom a

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Unformatted text preview: ther words, those with the least to gain f rom a party like Minchin's, which has an electoral appeal f ocused on the connected rich and those believing they may yet will be so. 35min ago Compulsory voting was not the initiative of city-slicking sots, but a Nationalist Party MP in a Coalition government – Herbert Payne, a backbench senator f rom Tasmania. His private members' bill posted on 16 July 1924 was in response to low voter turnout in the 1922 election, in which only slightly less than 60% of eligible Australians cast a vote. I t was voted up unanimously by all members in both houses in less than an hour, and made into law within a f ortnight. Australia has maintained a 90%+ voter turnout and arguably the most enf ranchised W ashminster democracy in the world ever since. Philip Hoare: If we're all Martians now, who are the aliens? W hat made the early parliament of this country unanimous in its support of compulsory voting wasn't Cameron loses crucial vote on Syria www.theg uar dian.com/commentisfr ee/2013/aug /21/compulsor y- voting - g ood A book that changed me: reader choices A book that change d me : In the final part of our series, readers reveal the books that helped them overcome the difficulties they faced in their lives 10 comment s Comment from the paper Ben Jennings: Ben Jennings on a possible strike against Syria – cartoon Simon Jenkins: Syria: it takes more courage to say there is nothing outsiders can do T oday 's best v ideo Rebuilding the W orld Trade Center Artist Marcus Robinson produces a timelapse video of the reconstruction at Ground Zero. How Parliament debated intervention in Syria and reaction once MPs voted against it 2/5 8/30/13 Of cour se compulsor y voting is a g ood thing | Van Badham | Comment is fr ee | theg uar dian.com that it lacked a right-wing libertarian f raction devoted to the cause of dressing like the sidekicks on Jackass, pig shooting in national parks and whinging to Twitter "because f reedom" if they can't buy MI LF mags at a petrol station. I t...
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