is placed on a rough surface b determine the e the

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Unformatted text preview: ng motion as the disk speed from When placed on this surface, the center oflapsed time during the to the right with a moves of vA1 t rotation rate of ω1 , 1 shown in Figure Figure 2. and has a counterclockwise he position in Figureas to the position in 1 below. In Figure 2 below is Problem V.57 shown the instant at which the disk ceases to slip as it continues to move on the horizontal surface. You must provide an accurate free body diagram of the disk in order to receive full credit f this problem: Find: Foror your work. a) determine the speed of A, vA2 , at the instant in Figure 2 when the disk ceases to slip on the horizontal surface, and b) determine the elapsed time during the motion HINT: from the using both the linear impulse-momentum equation and the angular as the disk moves Consider position in Figure 1 to the position in Figure 2. impulse-momentum equation on the disk in solving this problem. !1 M FIGURE 1 A R vA1 µk slipping !2 FIGURE 2 A vA2 no slip Use the following parameters in your analysis: M = 50kg , R = 0.5m, µk = 0.3, vA1 = 5m/sec and ω1 = 8rad/sec....
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