Block b has a mass of m and the disk has a mass of m

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Unformatted text preview: ss of M . The disk is able to roll without slipping on a rough horizontal surface with C Find: If the system is released is released the rest. being the contact point. The system from rest atfromposition shown, find the angular acceleration of the disk. Write your answer as a vector. Find: Determine the angular acceleration of the disk immediately after release. M A R/2 O no slip R C B m Use the following parameters in your analysis: M = 20kg and m = 40kg . Rigid Body Kinetics Homework Problems ME 274 Problem V-54 Chapter V: Rigid Body Kinetics Homework Given: A drum has a mass of M = 30 kg, outer radius of R = 0.5 m, inner radius of r = 0.25 m, a centroidal radius of gyration of kG = 0.6 m and centroid at the Problem V.54 geometric center G. A cable is wrapped around the inner radius of the drum and is connected to particle A having a mass of m = 10 kg. The cable is also Given: A drum has aover an ideal pulley.radius of R, stiffness K = 100 ,N/m is attached wrapped mass of M , outer A spring of inner radius of r a centroidal radius of gyration of kGbetween G of at the geometric center G. A cable is released from rest with theradius and centroid...
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