V 11 given a thin homogeneous bar system made up of

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Unformatted text preview: rizontal. V-11 Given: A thin, homogeneous bar system made up of of L and mass m) is pinned to ground at a) Draw a free body diagram of theAB (having a lengthbar AB and the disk. List point O (where O is at a distance of L/4 from end A). A homogeneous disk of mass M and radius r which, if any, nonconservative forces do work on this system. is welded to the bar AB with end B being at the center of the disk. A constant force F acts at end b) Determine thethat the velocity of bar ABis always perpendicular to OA. The system is released A in such a way angular line of action of F when AB reaches its vertical position (instant “2”). Note that since the from rest with AB being horizontal.disk is welded to AB, the disk has the same angular velocity as bar AB. Find: For this problem: a) determine the angular disk as particle of mass M reaches c) Repeat your calculations in b) but here treat the velocityaof bar AB when AB (that its vertical position, and b) ! 0 is, consider r repeat your calculations in a) but here treat the disk as a particle...
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