Point a find in figure b b shown below i for position

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Unformatted text preview: t A. Find: In Figure (b) (b) shown below: i) For position below, make a sketch of the path unit vectors for P ( et and en ) and the polar unit of the path unit ! . • Make a sketch vectors e R and evectors for P (￿t and ￿n ) and the polar unit vectors ￿R and e e e ￿φ . e ii) For the position in Figure (b), find numerical values for the rate of change of speed • Determinefor R, !, R values .for the rate of change of speed of P. !!! ! of P and numerical! and !! ¨ ˙¨˙ • Determine numerical values for R, R, φ and φ. d O O A " R A R L aP ! P P (a) vP (b) Use the following parameters in your analysis: L = 2.5f t, d = 2f t and vP = 10f t/sec...
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