APO and PLD - 1. In order to illustrate the importance of...

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1. In order to illustrate the importance of current and future mining regulations, both the Americans Mining Organization (AMO) and the Public Lands Defense (PLD) will frame the issue in different fashions. To begin with the AMO, it seems fair to say the interest rests in matters of economics; primarily business interests in money. Because of these interests, the AMO may choose to frame the issue by showing the ways that the current mining regulations support a stronger economy. Policymakers may be more sympathetic if the AMO gives them reason to believe that their organization is in concordance with the views in which these policy makers support (Kraft 2007, 61). The AMO may go further in depth with the issue framing by saying that the current regulation of mining supports big businesses in making profits, which in turn, allows the mining companies to expand and provide fulfilling careers to more citizens. The AMO also could go into detail about the ways in which hard rock minerals stimulate the economy. Even though green-washing is very dishonest, it may be a method that the AMO could use to gain widespread public support; it would seem that the AMO was in support of a better environment as well as a better economy (Kraft and Kamieniecki 2007, 50). On the other hand, the PLD would take a different approach in framing the issue. Just as President Bush had done in 2002 when the ANWR failed to gain support, the PLD may find it wise to display the greater threats that could become of such a seemingly minute issue to extract sympathy (Bosso and Guber 2006, 4). The PLD could utilize their scientific and expert resources to show the devastating effects that mining wastes can have on citizens as well as the impact on groundwater. The PLD could also “self-activate” a frame; the public is generally in support of protecting the environment, and a name such as the Public Land Defense, can go a long way (Kraft and Kamieniecki 2007, 44). 2. I am going to use the Kingdon Model of Policy Change to explain the hypothetical situation and the issues it
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APO and PLD - 1. In order to illustrate the importance of...

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