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State and Local Government Study Guide #1 - 1...

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1. Define “Creative,” “Cooperative,” and “Fiscal” Federalism, specifying the time frames of each. Give specific examples of federal programs initiated in each period. What were the distinctive purposes of each ‘era’ and the key problems of challenges each attempted to address? Finally, what were the key successes and limitations of each "era?" -Creative-(1960-1980)-characterized by overloaded cooperation and crosscutting regulations -the relationships between the federal, state, and local governments became strained -identified with Lyndon Johnson’s presidency after his reelection -The "Creative Federalism" of that period was marked by an explosion of grants that reached beyond the states to establish intergovernmental links at all levels, often bypassing states entirely. Programs were aimed at both racial and economic injustice. -Purposes: to address social problems affecting society-racial and economic injustice -Successes: economic growth that had allowed the new programs to be set in place without disrupting taxpayers, did solve several social issues including discrimination, preschool/kindergarten education for disadvantaged (Head Start), and health insurance for disadvantages through Medicare and Medicaid. -Limitations: aid for one activity was tied to performance of a different one, states often ignored, grants often ignored people not apparently disadvantaged, created conflict between state and national administrations. -Cooperative-(1930-1960)- Shared functions, focused on providing services, broadly collaborative patterns.-marble cake -The national government assumed authority over areas of economic regulation
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State and Local Government Study Guide #1 - 1...

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