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Unformatted text preview: he Roy­ Bargman step­down procedure which uses ANCOVA on each individual DV, with higher priority DVs as covariates. What are the parameter What are the parameter estimates? Marginal means are the best population estimates for the main effects and cell mean are the best estimates of interactions When the Roy­Bargman step procedure is used then the interpretation is the best estimates of adjusted population values All parameters are accompanied by standard error and/or confidence intervals. Which levels of the IV are Which levels of the IV are significantly different? If there are significant main effects on IVs with more than two levels than you need to test which levels are different from each other And if there are interactions the interactions need to be taken apart so that the specific causes of the interaction can be uncovered. How strong is the How strong is the IV(s)/composite DV association? What is the proportion of the composite DV explained by each IV? You can also then pick out the strength of association between the IVs and each DV separately. Does use of covariates significantly adjust the composite DV scores? Can MANOVA be used when assumptions are violated in repeated measure ANOVA? The test of sphericity in repeated measures ANOVA is often violated Corrections include: – adjustments of the degrees of freedom (e.g. Huynh­Feldt adjustment) – decomposing the test into multiple paired tests (e.g. trend analysis) or – treating the repeated levels as multiple DVs (e.g. profile analysis which we will talk about next) Assumptions of MANOVA Assumptions of MANOVA Theoretical Considerations Theoretical Considerations The interpretation of MANOVA results are always taken in the context of the research design. Once again, fancy statistics do not make up for poor design Use of IVs change the interpretation of other...
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