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1. The term Biomolecules refers to what? 2. T or F living organisms and non living organisms share the same characteristics? Explain. 3. What does the Cell Theory state? 4. What are the 4 things cells contain? 5. What’s the difference between a Prokaryotic cell and a Eukaryotic cell? 6. What structures do plant cells have that animal cells don’t? 7. What nutritional characteristics do humans have (i.e. phototroph, chemotroph) 8. Identify the 12 different organelles apart of a cell. 9. What is meant by a functional group? 10. What are the macromolecules for the following subunits: monomers, amino acids, monosaccharides, acyl units, nucleotides? And what are their functions? 11. T or F enzymes are made from proteins? Explain, 12. By which process are macromolecules made, from subunits? 13. What is meant by bioenergetics? 14. What does the first and second law of thermodynamics state? 15. What is the difference between biosynthesis and degradation? 16. What is the formula for photosynthesis and aerobic respiration? 17. What does oxidation refer to? 18. What does reduction refer to? 19. What is the difference between endergonic and exergonic? 20. T or F oxygen is the energy currency within the cell? Explain. 21. What is the role of an enzyme? 22. What does a biocatalysts do to the activation of energy? 23. What is meant by the “concept or biochemical pathway”? 24. Metabolism refers to what? Explain the two types and there functions.
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Biochem_Review_Questions1[1] - Biochemistry Review...

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