Finance 301 summer 2013 syllabus

Iwillprovideyouwithaformulasheetfortheexams the exams

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Unformatted text preview: ticipation (see note below) 5% Homework 15% Midterm 1 25% Midterm 2 25% Final exam (cumulative) 30% Total 100% The midterms and final are closed‐book exams. I will provide you with a formula sheet for the exams. The exams will likely include both multiple‐choice and free‐answer questions. You will not be permitted to share a calculator during the exam; so check your batteries prior to each test. No cell phones or other electronic devices are allowed on the desk during the midterms and final exams. There will be no make‐up exams except in extreme circumstances. (I will determine what is extreme). This means that if you miss an...
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This note was uploaded on 01/16/2014 for the course FINANCE 301 taught by Professor Bean during the Winter '11 term at Drexel.

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