Finance 301 summer 2013 syllabus

Remember these notes are only outlines

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Unformatted text preview: to class. The notes will also provide you with a basic framework in the event that you miss a class. Remember, these notes are only outlines and do not contain all information presented in the lecture. III. Supplementary Materials: TEXT. Ross, Westerfield, and Jordan (RWJ), Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 9th Edition (alternate edition), McGraw‐Hill Irwin, [ISBN: 978‐0‐07‐724612‐9] Note that I do not require a text for this class; however the book above is where all of the material that I teach in lectures comes from. This may help you with your understanding of the material. IV. Prerequisites: ACCT 115 (D or higher) or HRM 310 (D or higher) AND STAT 201 (D or higher) or STAT 205 (D or...
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