Finance 301 summer 2013 syllabus

Finance 301 summer 2013 syllabus

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Unformatted text preview: ecisions; and o To confront ethical issues that arise in a complex business environment II. Required Materials: FINANCIAL CALCULATOR. Students will be required to use a financial calculator on exams. Recommended models: Texas Instrument Business Analysis II Plus and Hewlett Packard 10B II. Other models (such as TI‐83) are acceptable, but you have to go over the user manual on your own. The minimum requirements are PV, FV, PMT, IRR, NPV, and cash flow register capabilities. CONNECT ONLINE ACCESS! o THIS IS NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE HOMEWORKS. DREXEL LEARN 9. The course site will contain course materials, such as homework assignments and course slides. You should print lecture notes and bring them...
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