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CH Phys Lab Report 1

CH Phys Lab Report 1 - 4 Let car run down wood 5 Record...

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Name: Cliff Hults Partner(s): Lindsay Ross, Jacquie Manzo, and Conor MacDermott Date of Lab: 9/23 & 9/24 Title: Accelerated Motion Purpose: Observe and analyze the motion of a uniformly accelerated body moving in a straight line. Materials: Cart, Recording timer, Carbon discs, Timer tape, 500-g mass, Masking tape, pieces of wood, 2 C-clamps, graph paper. Procedure: 1. Set up the apparatus, place recording timer 1m from the edge of the table. Attach timer tape to the end of the cart. 2. Prop wood up at an angle 3. Start recording timer
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Let car run down wood 5. Record findings Data Table(s): Time Displacement Total Displacement 1 2.8cm 2.8cm 2 3.3cm 6.1cm 3 3.8cm 9.9cm 4 4.5cm 14.4cm 5 4.9cm 19.3cm Time Average Velocity Acceleration 1 .28 N/A 2 .33 .005 3 .38 .005 4 .45 .007 5 .49 .004 Graphs on stapled pages Observations: The larger the angle, the faster the car. Summary 1. What is the unit for the slope? Dots Questions: 2. What does your graph about the acceleration of the cart? The acceleration increases over time....
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