Etiology of ptsd risk factors childhood traumas esp

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Unformatted text preview: itnessed, learned about • Maybe repeated exposure over time • Sx begin or worsen after event • Sx persist for at least 31 days, 1 mon. ETIOLOGY OF PTSD Risk Factors: Childhood traumas (esp. sexual abuse), other anxiety or mood Dx, substance abuse Nature of the Trauma: Severity Matters • Human causes vs. Natural causes Behavioral Factors: 2 Factor Model Cognitive Factors: Avoiding thinking about it (dissociation) à༎ increases risk • Better Coping: High IQ, social support TREATMENT OF PTSD Behavioral: Imaginal Exposure, Virtual Reality Cognitive: reducing self-blame Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) • Similar Sx, but occur between 3-31days after trauma • Sx do not persist beyond 1 month TREATMENT OF ASD • Prevent PTSD risk with exposure 2...
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