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TC335F-13_Ch7-OCD-PTSD_St - Chapter 7 OBSESSIVE...

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11/13/13 1 Chapter 7 OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE- RELATED & TRAUMA- RELATED DISORDERS OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE-RELATED & TRAUMA-RELATED DISORDERS DSM-IV : Listed with Anxiety Disorders DSM-5 : Highlight Differences in Sx, Etiology OCD-Related : OCD, Hoarding Disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder • Repetitive thoughts & Bx PTSD & Acute Stress Disorder : Only when a person has experienced trauma Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) • Onset: before 10 or early adulthood • Slightly more common in women • Chronic, poor long-term prognosis • 40 year follow-up, only 20% cured • Comorbity: another anxiety Dx (75%), major depression (65%) DSM-5: Obsessions à Compulsions • Time consuming (require 1 or more hours/day), Sx cause distress or impairment Obsessions • Persistent, recurrent, intrusive, unwanted, thoughts, images, urges experienced as disturbing, inappropriate • Person attempts to suppress obsessions • Person is often aware thoughts are irrational Types of Obsessions : Contamination, sexual or aggressive impulses, injury,
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