Beliefs about consequences test them with exposure

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Unformatted text preview: ffective than medication • Partially effective for <50% • 25% of clients refuse Cognitive: Challenge beliefs about consequences • Test them with exposure Medication: SSRIs • Research: 50% reduction in OCD Sx Sx of PTSD Intrusion Sx: intrusive, distressing memories, dreams, dissociative Sx or “flashbacks” Avoidance Sx: Avoids internal or external reminders of trauma Negative Alterations in Cognitions & Mood: inability to remember, neg. expectations, excessive blame (esp. self), diminished interest or participation, detachment Alterations in Arousal & Reactivity: Irritability, aggression, reckless Bx, hypervigilance, sleep disturbance POSTTRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER DSM-5: PTSD • Exposure to traumatic event: actual or threatened injury, death, violation (sexual) • Event is experienced, w...
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