3 dz 1208 neg sx have stronger genetic contribution

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Unformatted text preview: Dx Schizoaffective Disorder • Sx of Schizophrenia + an episode of  major depression or mania   Delusional Disorder • Persecutory delusions, delusional jealousy • NOT Paranoid Schizophrenia • No hallucinations • Less bizarre delusions • Later onset Erotomania ETIOLOGY OF SCHIZOPHRENIA Genetic Factors • Twins: MZ, 44.3%; DZ, 12.08% • Neg. Sx have stronger genetic contribution Biological Factors • Dopamine Theory, assumes excess dopamine • Rx that reduce Sx, reduce dopamine activity • Side effects resemble Parkinson’s • Amphetamine Psychosis • Excess or hypersensitive receptors  • May only account for + Sx • Brain Structure: enlarged ventricles • 3% less brain volume • Poor adjustment prior to onset (prodromal phase), poor response to Rx Tx Psychological Stress Psychological Factors TREATMENT • Increased reactivit...
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