Own thoughts spoken by other misattribute recordings

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Unformatted text preview: ference 2) Hallucinations: Sensory experiences without external stimuli • 74% experience auditory • Hear own thoughts spoken by other • Misattribute recordings of own  speech • Voices believed to come from  known person experienced more positively  • Arguing voices • Comments on Bx Negative Sx: Bx, emotional deficits Disorganized Sx • Endure beyond acute episodes • Avolition, apathy • Asociality • Anhedonia • Consummatory Pleasure vs.  Anticipatory Pleasure • Blunted Affect (66%), outward  expression only • Alogia, poverty of speech Disorganized Speech: “Formal Thought Dx” • Loose associations or Derailment • Incoherence Disorganized Behavior: agitation, unusual  dress, childishness, sexually  inappropriate, hoarding Other Sx • Catatonia: excited, but peculiar  movements & gestures...
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