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Unformatted text preview: Pleasure/“liking” PLUS Craving/ “wanting” • Dopamine systems become supersensitive to cues • Overtime, “liking” decreases, “wanting” remains powerful 1 12/9/13 [Etiology, con’t…] Personality Factors: predict later onset [Etiology, con’t…] Psychological Factors • Mood alteration: enhance positive or diminish negative feelings • “Alcohol myopia”: limited focus distracts from tension-inducing thoughts • Expectancies about Alcohol & Drugs • Expectation of positive effects positively correlated with amount consumed • May not be accurate: Social skills ALCOHOL USE DISORDER Prevalence of Alcohol Abuse • Men > Women, women catching up • Whts & Latinos binge more than Af-Am • 23% have at least 1 comorbid mental Dx Binge Dri...
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