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Unformatted text preview: nking, College-Age • 5+ drinks in short period of time (1 hr) • 1800 die/year: DWI, toxicity • 700,000 assaulted by other students • 97,000 sexually assaulted MARIJUANA (cannabis use disorder) • Most freq. used illicit drug Short-term effects: Impairs short-term memory, complex motor skills (driving) • Effects can last 8 hrs longer than felt Long-term effects: few controlled studies • Habitual use produces tolerance Therapeutic Effects: reduce nausea/loss of appetite effects related to chemo, AIDS Sx • High levels of negative emotionality • High arousal-seeking, low constraint Sociocultural Factors • Cultural attitude towards drinking • Availability of substance • Family factors: stress, parental use, lack of parental support & monitoring • Peer Group use, social network • Media: Joe Camel; targeting girls, AfricanAmericans Short-Term Effects of Alcohol • CNS depressant • Stimulates GABA receptors, increases serotonin & dopamine levels • Slows thinking, disrupts memory, impair...
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