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00 per week plus 5 of all telephone sales made in the

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Unformatted text preview: ah is also a placement worker but is paid a commission of $35.00 for every job placement that she completes. David Facini, a part-time maintenance worker, is paid $6.75 per hour. For the week ending October 24, the office recorded the following payroll information. • Total office sales for the week were $8,420.00. • Susan Dilloway worked a total of 38½ hours. • Doris Franco worked a total of 41¼ hours. • Phone sales for the week were $1,375.00. • Pam Darrah made seven job placements. • David Facini worked a total of 23 hours. Instructions Using the form provided in your working papers, calculate the gross earnings for the workers at Job Connect for the week ending October 24. Analyze 334 Identify the employee who had the highest gross earnings. Chapter 12 Problems 308-337_CH12_868829.indd 334 9/15/05 11:46:43 AM Winning Competitive Events C HAPTER 12 Practice your test-taking skills! The questions on this page are reprinted with permission from national organizations: • Future Business Leaders of America • Business Professionals of America Use a separate sheet of paper to record your answers. Future Business Leaders of America MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which form is considered the Withholding Allowance Certificate? a. W-2 b. W-4 c. 1040 d. 1099 e. none of these answers 2. Julie earns $18.50 per hour. She is paid overtime (time and one-half) for hours worked on Sunday. The first Sunday in June she worked 6 hours, giving her 46 hours for the week. What were her gross wages if total taxes withheld equaled 18%? a. $851.00 b. $1,069.67 c. $743.33 d. $906.50 Business Professionals of America MULTIPLE CHOICE 3. The Accumulated Earnings column of the employee earnings record a. shows net pay for the year. b. is the total earnings since the first of the year. c. shows net pay for one quarter. d. is the gross earnings for one quarter. 4. The Medicare tax is calculated by a. multiplying total earnings by the tax rate. b. multiplying net earnings by the tax rate. c. using a...
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