3 prepare a payroll check and stub for each employee

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Unformatted text preview: oss pay for FICA taxes (social security and Medicare). Problem 12–9 Preparing the Payroll Register SMART GUIDE Showbiz Video has six employees who are paid weekly. The hourly employees are paid overtime for hours worked over 40 in a week, at a rate 1½ times their regular rate of pay. Employee information follows: Employee Mary Arcompora Barbara Fox John French Chris German David Izbecki Susan Tilbert Employee Number 105 137 135 141 139 129 Marital Status Married Married Single Married Single Married Step–by–Step Instructions: Problem 12–9 Allowances 2 1 1 4 0 1 Mary Arcompora, the store manager, NO. 141 Chris German is paid a salary of $300.00 per week NAME 449-XX-XXXX SOC. SEC. NO. plus 1% of all rental sales. Barbara Fox October 24, 20-WEEK ENDING and John French, salespeople, are paid DAY IN OUT IN OUT IN OUT TOTAL a salary of $200.00 per week plus a 6% M 8:05 12:03 1:00 5:05 commission on all rentals from the T 8:00 12:05 1:10 5:00 W “Oldies but Goodies” section. Chris 9:05 12:05 1:15 6:05 Th 8:30 11:55 1:15 6:00 German and David Izbecki, office F 8:00 12:00 1:00 6:15 workers, are paid an hourly wage of S $7.25. Susan Tilbert, a stock person, is S paid $6.40 per hour. TOTAL HOURS The payroll deductions include HOURS RATE AMOUNT federal income tax, social security tax of REGULAR 6.2%, Medicare tax of 1.45%, and state OVERTIME TOTAL EARNINGS income tax of 1.8%. Chris German and Susan Tilbert have $12.50 deducted each week for hospital insurance. During the week ending October 24, “Oldies but Goodies” rentals were $484.90 for Barbara Fox and $641.70 for John French. Total rental revenue for the week was $3,917.30. 1. Select the problem set for Showbiz Video (Prob. 12–9). 2. Rename the company and set the system date. 3. Record the payroll for each employee. 4. Print a Payroll Register report. 5. Proof your work. 6. Complete the Analyze activity. 7. End the session. CONTINUE Chapter 12 Problems 308-337_CH12_868829.indd 333 333 9/15/05 11:46:42 AM P...
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