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Unformatted text preview: need to make a calculation (e.g., commission). Employee Cummings, Carol Dame, Ted Lengyel, Tom Robinson, Jean Usdavin, James Wong, Kim Hourly Wage Salary Plus Commission Salary $270.00 $6.95 $160.00 plus 5% $140.00 plus 5% $6.65 $140.00 plus 5% Employee deductions include federal income taxes (use the tables on page 317), FICA taxes at 6.2% for social security and 1.45% for Medicare, state income taxes of 1.5%, and hospital insurance premiums of $5.43 for single employees and $9.37 for married employees. Also, Kim Wong and Tom Lengyel have $10.00 withheld each week to purchase U.S. savings bonds. During the pay period ending October 17, the sales were: Tom Lengyel $1,204.76, Jean Robinson $1,925.80, and Kim Wong $2,135.65. The hourly employees filled in the following time cards. 73 Ted Dame 093-XX-XXXX SOC. SEC. NO. 10/17/20-WEEK ENDING NO. NAME DAY IN OUT IN OUT M OUT 8:58 12:03 12:55 5:09 T IN 8:55 11:55 1:00 4:00 DAY OUT IN OUT 9:00 12:00 S TOTAL HOURS HOURS RATE 7:59 11:55 1:10 4:51 9:01 12:06 1:05 3:47 S TOTAL 9:03 1:10 2:00 6:00 Th 8:58 12:00 1:00 6:05 OUT 7:58 11:01 12:03 6:38 W 8:57 12:03 12:59 6:00 IN 8:55 12:06 1:01 5:35 T 9:30 12:10 1:04 3:30 S IN M F W Th F 92 NAME James Usdavin 087-XX-XXXX SOC. SEC. NO. TOTAL 10/17/20-WEEK ENDING NO. 9:00 12:03 S AMOUNT TOTAL HOURS REGULAR HOURS OVERTIME TOTAL EARNINGS RATE AMOUNT REGULAR OVERTIME SIGNATURE DATE TOTAL EARNINGS SIGNATURE 332 DATE Chapter 12 Problems 308-337_CH12_868829.indd 332 9/15/05 11:46:40 AM Problems CHAPTER 12 Instructions On the forms in your working papers: 1. Complete the time cards to the nearest quarter hour. 2. Prepare a payroll register for the week ending October 17. The date of payment is also October 17. Each employee’s number, marital status, and number of allowances claimed are listed on her or his employee’s earnings record. 3. Prepare a payroll check and stub for each employee. 4. Record the payroll information for each employee on her or his employee’s earnings record. Analyze Calculate the total amount deducted from employees’ gr...
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